Via the Quality Logistics’ System of offices, warehouses, and staff, we have the capacity to cover all your full truckload, less than truck load, partial tuck load, air and ground needs. We make logistics simple.

Seamless Transportation Services For Efficient Supply Chains

Over-the-road transportation services are the core of our transportation division. If there is enough cargo to fill an entire trailer, full truckload shipping is the most cost-effective option. Our strong carrier partnerships offer our customers reliable and organized distribution solutions. Regardless of your shipping lane, commodity, or complexity, we provide full-service local, regional, and national truckload services.

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Fast, Safe & Reliable Freight Services

We take your items straight to the destination without any extra stops. Your shipment is shipped safely, securely, and on time. We take pride in the professionalism of our drivers, fleet maintenance, and dispatch systems.


Full truckload shipping rates vary based on mileage, availability, fuel costs, the type of trailer you need, and more. The trailer type impacts the fuel requirements and contributes to the overall cost of the transportation.

Affordable Full Truckload Services

It is more cost-effective to ship items in one full truckload as opposed to booking several less than truckload (LTL) shipments. With the help of our network and years of experience, we have the volume pricing in place to secure great rates for truckload shipping.

Transportation Services

Truckload shipping is the core of QLS’ Transportation division. We do it well and in return we develop strong carrier partnerships that propel QLS forward among truckload providers across the United States. Those relationships provide you the shipper that much more confidence in the coordination, organization and execution that we pride ourselves on. Regardless of shipping lane, commodity or complexity we are ready to meet your needs whether local, regional or national. Fill out the quote form today and see what QLS can do for you!
QLS provides less than truckload transportation services as a value added extension of our single source solution for customers. We offer reasonable pricing with local, regional and national coverage for single shipments, freight consolidation, pool distribution or fulfillment services. You get a competitive discount based on the combination of shipments and the volume of our business.

Optimize your distribution process by taking advantage of the QLS “partial shipment” program. QLS will provide “space” by the foot on a truck that is not full or match your shipment with other consolidations. With “partial service” there is no handling from terminal to terminal.

Air Freight and Expedited Ground Service round off QLS’s capabilities to meet all your shipping needs and provide single source transportation solutions. If you have critical shipments, we offer a complete range of distribution services, including same day, overnight, by 10:30 a.m., next business afternoon, second day delivery, and business-to-residential service.
Expedited Ground Service is a time critical solution provided by Quality Logistics Systems, featuring team drivers, exclusive use and relay operations. Expedited shipments are monitored from pick up to delivery with updates available at your requested intervals.

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