QLS manages and controls over 1.6 million square feet of warehouse space for our customers. Our expertise provides you with flexibility in locating your warehouse facility on-site or in your key markets, flexibility in work force and the ability to transfer responsibility without giving up control.

Nationwide Warehousing & Contract Warehousing Services

Even clients with the resources to take care of logistics themselves find that many times outsourcing their warehousing and distribution functions results in consistently superior outcomes. QLS gives you access to dedicated space, technology, and staff tailored to your needs. Without any overhead investment costs, your costs are also significantly reduced.

Our warehouses can supply you with ready locations and a highly trained workforce. Whether you need long-term distribution support or help with a major promotion, we can help. We provide flexible storage plans so you pay only for the space and labor you need.

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Public Warehousing

Products are stored in a shared-use facility alongside products from other clients in a QLS owned warehouse. With short and long-term storage available and a pay for what you use business model, our rates are flexible. Contact us today.

Contract Warehousing

We act as distributors, operating based on your direction, either in your facility or ours. Outsource warehouse operations to our dedicated team so you can focus on the business. We can customize an operating plan and cost model that will meet your specific needs.

Your Top Choice For Nationwide Warehousing Services

With over 30 years of experience, we provide our clients with efficient public warehousing and contract warehousing solutions. We guarantee high warehouse productivity levels with only the best staff and immense scalability. Our best-practices result in minimal downtime, faster shipping times, and better inventory control. With virtually unlimited flexibility in terms of space and equipment, we can help you expand your business.

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